Our fancy dinner with naked female bodies starring in video ModelNatalya94 ($1001.99 ScatShop)

ModelNatalya94 – Our fancy dinner with naked female bodies We decided with Olga to arrange an erotic dinner, we invited […]

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ModelNatalya94 – Our fancy dinner with naked female bodies

We decided with Olga to arrange an erotic dinner, we invited our friends Caroline and Alice, and offered to be our tables where we will eat. Our friends agreed, we said to Caroline and Alice undressed and laid on the table, Caroline Alice did so, two girls naked lying on the kitchen table, we took fruty and began to put on the naked bodies of Alice and Caroline, when we finished with the layout, fruit bodies of our friends, I stood on a chair and lifted her skirt and shit on the naked body of Caroline behind me on the naked body of Alice shit Olga , now on the naked bodies of our friends not only fruit but also shit. Olga and I started eating shit and fruit from the naked bodies of our friends. You have no idea how cool it is when a naked girl is on the table and you eat with her body without touching her hands, but only her mouth. Olga and I enjoy eating shit and fruit from naked bodies

ModelNatalya94 – Olga’s enema in the bathroom 2

Hello friends. In this video, you will see Olga. She decided to clean her intestines again and do an enema. Olga went into the bathroom again and filled herself with water from a hose. Then she waited a few seconds and let the water out of herself. A fountain of dirty water poured out of her with a strong pressure. Olga refilled herself with water again and again, waited for something new and then let out dirty water. Olga did not let the water out of the bathroom, so she filled her with poop and water. Another interesting film from our Olga. Watch and enjoy!

ModelNatalya94 – Sports and denim shorts

I and Olga wore shorts Olga wearing white shorts I denim. First, we pose for you in my shorts, and then Olga becomes a cancer and I take her butt shorts and show you her bare bottom, then again put them on the ass Olga, then I stand cancer on my knees and Olga relieves my denim shorts and shows you my naked ass, and again puts them on my ass. I tell Olga that Olga got cancer on his knees and relaxed his ass, Olga said that she very much wants in a toilet and not being able to contain the pressure of shit, I said to Olga, shit in shorts, Olga relaxed and I saw a trickle of urine and then shit in white shorts the shit out of the shorts, I want that, I got cancer and also initially released in a piss denim shorts and then shit in them. Of my short falls out of the shit and a lot of traces of urine and shit, as well as Olga . We stroll around the room, crawling with cancer on his knees showing you my dirty shit and urine shorts. At the end of the video we shoot two shorts and show you their dirty shit from ass and again put them back.

ModelNatalya94 – Three asses slide

Hello to all our beloved friends. The three of us in this video are Olga, Marina and Lolita. The girls were naked and showed you their naked bodies. We showed our pussy, then we became each other’s asses to the camera, took rubber dildos and fucked ourselves, sitting on top of each other. Then Olga and Marina shit at the same time when they fucked themselves with the phallus. As you know, we love different games and love to have fun in different ways.

ModelNatalya94 – Shit in Olga’s white panties

Good day. For everyone who reads the description of this video. I hope you have already fallen in love with our beautiful and completely without complexes Olga. If you have just joined us, but you should know that our team is completely without complexes. And Olga is one of the last girls who started working with poop here, but she already makes a lot of interesting videos on various and unusual topics. I even tried BDSM. In this video you will see our beloved friend in the kitchen. Olga was sitting at the table and drinking tea. Then she gave a shit and pissed into her panties and continued drinking tea in dirty panties. She sat on a chair and the shit inside spread over her panties, even reached her pussy. She shows her dirty ass from time to time and puts her panties back on and sit down. Olga smokes and drinks tea, enjoying the smell of warm shit from panties and shitty cream that is in panties. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting videos from our Olga. Enjoy watching!

ModelNatalya94 – Shit in Yana’s ass

In this video, you will see how Karolina and I fill Yana’s ass with shit. We put Yana on her knees and took turns shitting Caroline on Yana’s back. Then Alice took Yana’s shit out of her ass and put it on her back too. Yana was on her knees, Carolina took a gynecological speculum and inserted it into Yana’s anus. Carolina and I started stuffing Yana’s ass with our shit. Our hands were all in shit, we shoved shit up our ass and did not stop until all the shit was in Yana’s ass. You will see how much shit will fit in Yana

ModelNatalya94 – Shit in Olga’s shoes

Hello our beloved and unique friends and fans. In this video, you will see how Olga shit in her high heels and walked around the room in them. Olga chose shoes, shit in them, the pose is such that you could see how the shit comes out and gets right into the shoes and that you would see her hairy pussy during this. So, Olga shit in her shoes and put them on her feet. The warm shit immediately seeped out through my fingers and crawled into his shoes. Olga posed in them and then took them off and showed you her dirty feet and again put on dirty shoes on her feet and walked around the room and then again and again showed you dirty feet, then how she walks in dirty shoes around the room. Enjoy your viewing, my friend!

ModelNatalya94 – Red tights in shit

Good day to all. Another video from Olga for you, my dear friends and fans of our creativity and our exclusive works. Let many of our videos are distributed illegally on the Internet, but we are still grateful to you, to those who come to our store and buy videos here, we are grateful to you for your dedication and generosity. We love you and always want to cheer you up … and not only your mood … with our videos. In this video Olga is in red nylon tights, she found the time and still bought colored tights for the video. Now you will see her in red tights. She pissed and shit in them and posed in front of the camera in dirty tights, periodically taking them off and showing her dirty ass. Enjoy videos from Olga and wait for new ones every day!

ModelNatalya94 – Shit hovers in the cold in jeans

Panty and Jean Pooping, Pee, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

ModelNatalya94 – Our Tits are all shit and a mouth full of urine

We staged a little show for you in which we caressed each other’s Breasts bite their teeth over the nipples and shit to each other on the naked chest. We do it by priority first, Olga fondles my Breasts and nipples and shit on my Tits, I smeared shit chest it flows through my body to the bottom, and then we switch places and I piss in her mouth Olga, Olga drinks my urine and then shit on naked breast Olga.

ModelNatalya94 – Olga’s dirty masturbation

Pee, Period Play, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

ModelNatalya94 – Olga the dog eats from a bowl

Hi guys. Today in the video you will see Olga, an abandoned dog) Olya decided to play a dog today and eat her shit from a bowl. In general, you will see a dog thrown on a chain. The owner or mistress left and tied her, ordered her to wait. But as time went on, no one came for the dog, she was hungry and wanted to play. The dog had two phalos nearby and she decided to entertain herself. Olga walked on all fours and showed her big ass, wagging it. Then she went to one phalos and fucked him in the pussy, went to another and fucked him in the ass. But during the game, the dog got hungry. She took a bowl and gave a shit and poured into it, because she really wanted to eat. Olga the dog ate her shit from her own dog bowl. She ate and walked around the bowl, wiggling her big ass. So, while waiting for her master, Olga played and ate! I hope you enjoy this game and come back to see it again. Enjoy your viewing and we look forward to your comments on this story!

ModelNatalya94 – Olga vomits

In this video you will see how our Olga burps on her body. She sat on the floor and was in a T-shirt in a fishnet, then she was naked and sat with her legs apart. She showed you her hairy cunt and masturbated. Then she made herself vomit and smeared it all over her body. She belched again and again and she smeared the vomit all over her body. She also masturbated her cunt and shoved her mouth into her vagina with her fingers. In general, you will see Olga in her vomit and how she masturbates while sitting on the floor.

ModelNatalya94 – My dirty ass and rubber cock and diarrhea

I entered the room I was wearing underwear in black, I took off my panties and threw them on the floor and lay down on the sofa and opened her legs and began to show you her hairy pussy and beautiful ass. And then I was approached by Olga, she sat beside him and bowed his head and began to caress my hairy pussy, Olga tries to make me feel good, she plays with my Clit. After a little fondling of my clitoris, Olga picks up the rubber dick, and enters me pussy and starts fucking me, playing with my pussy with a rubber member Olga pulled it out and put together, and she got up and I was between her legs. Olga started pushing and then out of your ass Olga started to go shit, Olga shitting and pissing on me, her shit falls on my ass. Olga celebrated their need for me, then Olga sat next to me and started to sniff his shit, and Olga starts to smear shit on my ass. Tightly covering my ass shit. Olga graduated to smear on my ass shit, took a rubber cock and again entered my pussy and it began again to fuck me in dirty shit pussy. I was just in shock from what makes me Olga, it was not in the script of this video I thought. Olga pulls the rubber cock from my vagina and I continue to touch your Clit with my hand, I masturbated also and then I explode the urine I piss on myself, fuck this show, and together with urine out of my ass pouring diarrhea, Yes that’s it I’m a dirty whore. Fuck me fuck my girlfriend, she shit on me, smeared my shit on my ass, and again fucked me in the cunt, and then I explode with a huge fountain of urine and liquid shit diarrhea

ModelNatalya94 – Olga got dirty colored leggings

Our beloved friends are drinking. In this video, you meet again with our dear Olga. This time she stained her beautiful colored leggings. She was in the room showing herself in leggings. Showed you that her butt inside is completely clean and dry and she is ready to get dirty with new leggings. Olga bent down a little and the process started. urine poured through the clothes onto the floor and immediately wetted the leggings and the shit also came out. The inside was warm from these evacuations. Olya posed in dirty leggings, showed her dirty ass and put on leggings again without stopping to pose and show herself in dirty leggings. Her big ass was thrilled to be back in business and to please you, dear fans. Have a nice day!

ModelNatalya94 – Olga shit in panties in the kitchen

Hello to all our dear friends and guests of our store. In this video you will see our beloved Olga. Today she filmed a video in the kitchen drinking tea. Olga was in white panties, she gave a shit in them and there was a lot of shit today, it was clear that Olga was eating very densely yesterday and a lot apparently preparing for filming. She gave a shit and then sat on her ass and smeared shit inside her panties. Olga was sitting on a stool and drinking tea. From time to time she took off her panties and showed her dirty ass, then put on her panties again and sat down on a stool again to drink tea! Happy viewing to all!

ModelNatalya94 – Feet wanking dirty cock

Good day. Again we are in touch with you and again a video from our beloved Olga. Yesterday Olga decided to use her legs. She took her pink thick cock and pissed and shit on it. Then Olga sat down on the couch and used her feet and jerked off and massaged the cock, smearing the shit all over it. Olga played with them as if it was your penis between her feet. She really likes the process when the dick is in the shit and she does it with great pleasure and excitement. Just imagine that your cock is there and you will be happy watching this video over and over again. Enjoy watching.

ModelNatalya94 – Liquid diarrhea painting

We decided to draw a picture for you but not colors and shit, we bought a big white sheet and put it on the floor, Caroline undressed and sat down on a white sheet and picked up a marker and started drawing in the corner of the sheet heart. Alice and I go in the room is also completely bare, and join Carolina, Carolina drew a heart and approached us, I told Carolina that she got cancer at the knees and vystrelival liquid diarrhea on a white sheet of paper that was lying on the floor, Caroline explodes liquid diarrhea shot out of my ass and a white sheet is already the first traces of shit, Caroline explodes several times panom liquid on a white sheet of paper, Alice takes a mini enema and fills the ass of Carolina air and Carolina again explodes liquid diarrhea with farting, this is the picture we get, then came my turn as Caroline is already shot, I stand a cancer on the knees and also blow liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper traces of our shots diarrhea on paper, I have several times I shoot liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper, Oh yeah this is the picture, we like it very much, Alice fills my ass with air and I explode again with a loud sound of farting and diarrhea on the picture, Oh yeah that’s what I like . It was the turn of Alice, Alice stands up to cancer on your knees and also shoots liquid diarrhea on a sheet of paper that was lying on the floor, Alice also makes several shots liquid diarrhea , Oh fucking shit, that’s awesome you can not imagine so cool we get the picture that we have painted with his shit, I take a mini enema and fill the ass of her friend Alice and Alice explodes with a fart and another shot of diarrhea in our picture. In this video, a lot of shots with liquid diarrhea, urine farting. And a lot of beautiful and slender girls with hot Asses who shoot liquid diarrhea.

ModelNatalya94 – Dirty lesbian show milk piss and shit

Russian girls Yana, Karolina and Marina take part in this video. This time the girls decided to arrange a very dirty lesbian show, in which Yana first drinks milk herself and then offers to drink milk to her friends Marina and Caroline. After that, Yana pours milk on the naked bodies of Marina and Caroline. Streams of milk flow down the naked bodies of the girls, but this is not enough for the girls, Yana puts cancer on Caroline’s knees and pours milk on Caroline’s ass, then takes a rubber penis in her hands and inserts it into Caroline’s ass and fucks Caroline in the ass. At the same time, regularly watering Caroline’s ass with milk. After Yana, Marina joined the action, Marina walked around the cancer-prone Karolina and then sat down next to her. After sitting next to Karolina for a while, Marina got up and turned her ass to Karolina and began to poop on her friend’s ass. Now Karolina’s ass is not only in the milk but also in Marina’s shit, Yana again pours milk from the bottle on Karolina’s ass and Marina’s shit. Yana really likes what is happening now, all the girls Yana Marina and Karolina are very excited, Yana will not stop and will continue to fuck Karolina with a rubber member in the point. After playing a little with Karolina’s ass, Yana passes the rubber dick into Marina’s hands and now Marina fucks Karolina in the ass with a rubber dick. Yana gets up and pisses on Caroline’s ass, a large amount of urine releases Yana on Caroline. Caroline’s ass is now dripping with milk, urine, and everything brown, the color of shit. But that’s not all, Yana asks Marina to also get cancer on her knees like Karolina, Marina obediently does what Yana tells her and Yana takes a second rubber member in her hands and inserts it first into Marina’s pussy, and then into the point. Yana also pours Marina’s ass with milk, having fucked Marina a little in the ass, Yana gets up turns to Marina with her ass and poops on Marina’s ass. Yes, Yana likes to relieve herself on the naked bodies of her friends. Having relaxed on Marina’s ass, Yana again continues to fuck Marina in the ass, while watering Marina’s ass and her shit with milk. Marina is cancer on her knees and she likes it, but then Yana calls Karolina and asks Karolina to piss on her friend Marina, Karolina gladly fulfills the request of her friend Yana, and pisses on the naked Marina who is cancer on her knees. Trickles of urine, milk, and shit run down Marina’s body. All the girls except Yana were humiliated and used as a toilet, despite the fact that Marina and Karolina Yana used as their own toilet, the girls got a huge pleasure from what was happening.

ModelNatalya94 – Eat shit ashes and drool

Good day, our dear friends, fans, who have just joined us and our guests. In this video you will see Olga eating her shit. Olga was in the kitchen, she shit on a plate and is ready to eat her warm shit for breakfast. But it turned out to be quite simple for Olga, to eat shit))) Olga lit a cigarette, she sat at the table and smoked a cigarette, languidly blowing smoke from her mouth, and Olga threw the ashes into a plate of shit. She also spat on the plate. She collected this cocktail, shit, drooling and ash. She has not tried this before. Then Olya sat down at the table and ate her freshly prepared cocktail. Here is a movie for you Olga shot. Again, something new and unusual for her. She did it. Our lover of dirty games promised that she would make more and more videos and would come up with something new for you and her. Perhaps you want your own film performed by her, you can write and she will do everything in the best possible way))) Enjoy watching!

ModelNatalya94 – Anal sex liquid shit in bed

Good day. Now Olga makes a lot of videos of how she fucks herself anally. This filthy whore really loves it. She loves to fuck her ass and does it regularly. She also loves dirty and smelly sex, so she always films how she fucks herself when she shits. Olga today fucked herself in the ass while lying in bed. she was wearing a yellow negligee and it so happened that her shit came out the same yellow. that’s a coincidence. Probably Olga ate a lot of milk yesterday, since the color of the deoma turned out to be such, and perhaps she did it on purpose, so that you would see her other shit. Olga fucked herself in the ass, then gave a shit and continued to fuck her dirty hole, and smeared the shit on her ass. Have a nice day!


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Trixie’s Shitty Interview (02.09.2021) TrixieSquirts

Hi, I’m Trixie and I’m here for my Interview! But.. I also have to take a shit… would it be […]

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Hi, I’m Trixie and I’m here for my Interview! But.. I also have to take a shit… would it be ok if I gave my interview while shitting? Yes? Really?! How wonderful! Let me get undressed for you as I answer your first question:

“How did you find out about this fetish and what was your initial reaction?” Oh fun question! I answer in detail.

While I answer the second question:

“How do you feel about the fact that guys jerk off watching you poo?” I feel my body begging for a shit release. I get into position as I answer the question in detail. Almost shit time!!
As I answer the third question:

“Where do you usually shit and how often?” I feel my body pushing the shit closer to exit. I’m so excited! I begin answering the question, then pause to explode my morning shit with an enema bulb out onto my clean kitchen floor!! Omg, that projectiled further that I thought it would!! Hahah I laid down one paper towel thinking that would protect my floor from getting filthy, what a joke!!!

Ok, let’s keep this Shitty Interview going and tackle the fourth question:

“Who were the last 2-3 people that heard/saw/smelled you fart without paying for it?”

Ohhh that’s a fun one. I answer in detail as I sit and squish my ass in my fresh warm Vegan mush, then I shift positions, pivoting on my knees to turn around, showing you my messy shit smeared bubble butt! Omg what a mess!! I twerk my shitty ass for you, then stop as I feel another shit about to explode out of my tight ass! Oh yes!! There it is! Ahh what a relief! Omg my knees slip in the mush and I almost fall! Wow, shit is getting Everywhere.. Oh, that’s pee! I’m peeing a stream and omg it’s spreading too far off camera! I capture the loose pee and swish it back towards me and my messy pile.

Shitting and pissing for you, I answer the final question:

“Did you ever have to shit somewhere public but didn’t want to, but had no choice?”

Ohhh that’s a good question, to which I respond with an embarrassing childhood diarrhea story! So humiliating!!! While reliving this memory, I enjoy splashing and squishing my pink painted toesies and feeties in my warm smelly mush. At this point, I’m slipping all around in my piss and shit, covering my ass, pussy, knees and feet in my filth! Hahah this is by far my favorite type of sploshing, it’s so much fun! Oh but how am I to clean up this mess now? I grab the roll of paper towels and get to work cleaning my body and the floor. This is gonna take some time lol.. what a mess!!!

Well that concludes the initial interview. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope I get the job! I look forward to hearing from you soon 😍

💕 Trixie Squirts💦

Title: Trixie’s Shitty Interview
Cast: TrixieSquirts
Genre: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:20:44

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File: trixiesquirts – trixie’s shitty interview.mp4
Size: 1480228103 bytes (1.38 GiB), duration: 00:20:44, avg.bitrate: 9519 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo (und)
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 1080×1920, 24.00 fps(r) (und)

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