Mistress Jennifer Carter – Brown Gold – Served Ice Cold!

This is a shortened version of the full video called “Braunes Gold und dicke Dildos – eiskalt serviert!” The entier […]

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This is a shortened version of the full video called “Braunes Gold und dicke Dildos – eiskalt serviert!”
The entier second act is missing (sissification & fisting), you only get to see Mistress Jennifer Carter shitting on the slave and feeding him manually afterward.
It wasn’t edited by me, this is the scatshop version, and the requester agreed that this is good enough for him

For your piggy Peter, Mistress Carter, has come up with something very special!
Since the emptying of your divine intestinal contents, in the mouth of your novice has now become routine, there is today a very special toilet education in 3 acts!
In the first act, the mistress poops your Klomaul a thick brown greenish branch in his wide-open mouth! Followed by Mistress Carter’s request not to be allowed to swallow your brown gold yet, because you have far more perverse things with your novice before!
In the 2nd act follows for Peter a special transformation and a very special training! His greedy ass cunt should be stuffed properly! But since Mistress Carter also wants to get really horny in the mood, Peter becomes Petra without further ado! The slave gets thick rubber tits, corsage, nylon, thong, body and high heels missed, so that he is transformed into Mistress’s Carter anal slut! So dressed up, Peter also gets a catheter in his bulging tied balls once! After the bladder emptying, strokes on cock and balls follow to loosen up! Followed by the dilator and plug in the ass begins Petra’s anal adventure!
With the depth drill, a 60 cm long rubber dildo, the anal slut is properly pre-stretched into the depth. After that, one rubber cock after the other finds its way into Petra’s ass cunt! Mistress Carter increases the Unfang of your cock prostheses up to 8 cm in diameter, before the jacked Sissy may get relief!
And in the third and final act, takes place for piggy Peter his biggest challenge yet! Ice cold shit from Mistress Carter, straight from the freezer into his slave mouth. The novice must fight with his nausea and even the mistress is surprised, about the kind of violent smell of your caviar’s, that you even have to wear a breathing mask during the session! Will Peter also pass this test?

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Name: Brown gold served icecold
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The post Mistress Jennifer Carter – Brown Gold – Served Ice Cold! first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

Mistress Jennifer Carter – Peter’s Days of Sodom!

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 1 The insatiable Peter is at the door of Mistress Carter Studio early in the […]

The post Mistress Jennifer Carter – Peter’s Days of Sodom! first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

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Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 1
The insatiable Peter is at the door of Mistress Carter Studio early in the morning! To serve the mistress in hope and to fill his stomach with the special delicacies from in-house production!
Although Peter is lucky and gets his hoped brown gold his mistress, but he has this time made the bill without the landlady! Because the mistress simply turns the tables and instead of just fulfilling the slave’s request for a caviar donation, she takes Peter’s services for several days! Because according to your favorite film the 120 days of Sodom you are planning a very special long-term therapy for your novice! Whole 5 days, the slave will feed himself only by Mistress Carter excretions and his bondage begins today!

In this video Mistress Carter shits over her slave into his mouth then rubs it on his chest and cock.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 2
The second day in Peter’s long term toilet training has started and Peter’s stomach growls already! Luckily Mistress Carter has always been in a very good position and is looking forward to shitting her cock! This is how Peter can fulfill his service in the fullest satisfaction of the mistress, his nipples are fixed with a nipple chain! Once pulled on the chain, the slave gets his mouth open! And already the Mistress drops a wonderful soft sausage in the open mouth of your toilet!
After Mistress Carter has fed her slaves by hand, it’s time to try the latest toy she has bought on her novice! The magic word is Pissholer Set and the dilator will torture Peter’s cock properly to keep his lust in check!

In this video Mistress Carter shits and pisses into her slave’s mouth then sounds his dick with a beaded toy.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 3
Mistress Carter already suspected it the day before and now it has happened! Overnight she got her days and today, Peter will get to know not only the yellow and brown, but also the red delicacies of his mistress on his third day of his sodomy education!
In curious but joyful expectation, Peter tears open his slave mouth wide! The mistress pushes and already works her way into the toiletmouth next to a beautiful golden morning pee, long deep-red threads of divine blood! To sensitize Peter’s tastes even more, he gets served again today a steaming sausage! Finally, the mistress expresses your completed tampon like a sponge over the red-smeared face of your novice!

In this video Mistress Carter shits, pisses, and spits into her slave’s mouth. She also drips period blood onto his face.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 4
Mistress Carter is in a good mood! Not only is it a wonderful day, she is pleased to serve Peter on his 4th day of his education, an extra-large portion of your divine brown gold!
Extra, it has only a touch of nothing to seduce your slave not only with your delicacies! But you realize so slowly that the personal toilet slave of Mistress Carter comes to its limits!
Will Peter also record Mistress Carter’s caviar on the fourth day of his sodomy experience, and what’s behind the bonus clip? Questions about questions you will get answered when you get this video!

In this video Mistress Carter shits, pisses, spits, and ashes her cigarette into her slave’s mouth then jerks him off while fingering his ass and makes him eat it all including his cum.

Peter’s Days of Sodom! Day 5
5th day and with it Peter’s last day of his long term toilet training! Full of anticipation for the finale of his education, the novice waits obediently in the studio for his mistress! But the mistress still leaves a little behind, because she has brought extra reinforcement for the finale! Miss Helena will test Peter’s toilet talent in addition to the mistress! The examination committee has arrived and begins to put the novice to the test in the final test! Fruits from the ass of the Miss, plenty spit of mistresses, pee, caviar, vomit, own sperm and bloody tampons are there to chew and swallow! This Peter’s cock is tormented properly and he is forced to cum even before he gets the caviar of the mistress! Because he also has to learn to work when he is no longer horny!
Experience the brilliant end of a long-term education, as every toilet slave can wish!

In this video Mistress Carter and her friend Helena shit, piss, and spit into the slave’s mouth. They torture his dick with their feet and jerk him off.


Name: Peters-Tage-von-Sodom
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 02:35:36
File size : 4.47 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

Peters-Tage-von-Sodom – (5 x 1000 MB)

The post Mistress Jennifer Carter – Peter’s Days of Sodom! first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.