Brandee bay pooping (7 Clip) (femscat 199$) | Ultra HD 2160p

First Scat Experience With My Cousin The parents are having a get together and I’m in a room with you, […]

The post Brandee bay pooping (7 Clip) (femscat 199$) | Ultra HD 2160p first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

First Scat Experience With My Cousin

The parents are having a get together and I’m in a room with you, my favorite cousin. We decide to play a game of truth or dare. I ask you for the truth, what are your fetishes? You are shy but you tell me that you’re into scat. A smile creeps across my face. I ask you to propose truth or dare, and I pick dare.

You dare me to poop in front of you. At first I’m hesitant, but I do have to poop right now, and I’ve always been attracted to you…I’d love to show off. I slide off my leggings and lay a nice thick turd. I get interrupted by having to piss, but then I finish the lovely shit. I give you a close up view of it and describe the chunks of food we see.

I lay back down with the shit in front of me so you can see. I tell you it would be really hot if you came on my turd, plus I’d love to see you cum, my sexy cousin. I give you a countdown to cum, and wow it’s hot. Mmm that was so much fun!

How I Started Scat, Accident In Panties

’m sitting topless in my white panties talking to you about how I got into scat. My first experiences meeting people online who are in the community, and opening up and making my own content. We are having a lovely conversation when suddenly I get the urge to take a shit! I turn around and lower my panties while I take a big creamy shit. I smash it around in my panties with my fingers, enjoying the feel. Then I just act like nothing’s happened and sit in my shit while I continue the story,. When I’m done I get up and dress myself – you can see my huge load making a lump in my yoga pants! When I’m dressed I leave to go about my day with a stinky load in my panties.

EFRO Jack Off Instructional

I start off in my black bra and panties. Are you ready for a jack off instructional with a climax as I shit? I’m excited to go there with you, let’s get started with your dick in your pants. Rub yourself through you pants as I rub my pussy through my panties. I take off my panties and play with my hairy pussy while you get harder and harder. I tell you to stroke yourself and start slow working your way up and down your cock.

I want to show you my dirty asshole so I flip around into a doggy style position and spread my cheeks to show you the lovely beginnings of a turd, as it has already been trying to push out and a little bit escaped. I take off my bra so I’m fully naked for you. It’s time for a more visual representation of what I want you to be doing to yourself. I get out my clear dildo and suck it till it’s slimy. Then I jack it off just as you jack yourself in return.

I get you right to the edge and decide it’s time to put the cherry on top and see you cum an amazing load from your throbbing dick. I lay on my back, fingering my asshole until I poop a nice turd with multiple colors. It slowly comes out of my ass stretching my asshole as I moan. A little bit of pee shoots out toward to end and I spend some time admiring the shit and showing you.Foot Fetish GFE Turns To Scat

You are my boyfriend and we are having a lovely time enjoying my feet. I put them up close for you to sniff and lick, showing you the details of my soles and toes. Playing with my feet in different positions, I love our foot time and how you got me into feet. After we play a little while you mention you have something to tell me. You actually have another fetish…You know I adore you and am open to most things so I’m ready for you to tell me. Scat, you like to watch pooping and playing with poop.

Well you just happen to be in luck because not only do I have to poop at the moment but I also secretly love the smell of my own farts and am enamored by my own shits. It’s on 😉 I take off my clothes, showing off my body to you, and turn around so you can see my asshole and soles. Then I finger my ass a bit to get it ready for the turd and turn myself on a bit more. Then I let it rip, a great thick turd comes out onto my feet. I get into a squat to get the rest of the shit out. Then it’s time to play…I pick up the shit with my feet, smearing it between my toes. We spend a couple minutes enjoying it all, the smell, the smear, my adorable feet covered in nasty shit. It’s a masterpiece.

Showing You My Thick Afternoon Shit

I was constipated in the morning, but I know I’m doing better and have a decent shit coming. I had held it a while and had to coax it out a bit, then it releases as I moan and enjoy the sensation. It stretches my asshole so wide, it’s quite fantastic. The turd is a lovely shape, not my longest, but definitely gets an award for girth. I show you the shit and we enjoy it together.

The post Brandee bay pooping (7 Clip) (femscat 199$) | Ultra HD 2160p first appeared on Copro Porn Site #1.

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